This LUT pack includes 16 of my favorite cinematic looks when it comes to color grading my footage. Apply these LUTS using the creative tab in Premiere Pro so you can adjust the intensity of the look.

Also if you have seen any of my color grading tutorial on my Youtube channel, you know I always recommend using adjustment layers when color correcting & grading. And if you haven't seen any of those tutorials, go check them out NOW! :)

Although adding these LUTS will give your footage a cinematic look INSTANTLY with one click of a button, you will still want to make color correction adjustments based on the 'look' you are going for.

***NEWLY ADDED to this LUT Pack*** 
-Clean HLG
-Orange and Teal
-The Minimalist
-Rise and Grind
-Let's Go Film!
-Sizzle Summer
-Moody Cinema
-Faded Cinema
-Midnight Eclipse

Happy filming y'all!

JR Cine LUT PACK 1.0