The time has finally come, my first ever Premiere Pro preset pack! Included in this pack are 17+ of my MOST used presets for Premiere Pro CC. All custom created by me.


Import these presets by opening the Effects panel in Premiere Pro ( I keep mine stacked on the right hand side along with Essential Graphics, Lumetri Color, and Essential Sound). From there, click on the 3 dashed lines on the right hand side of the panel, then click import presets. Find the file and you're done! You will find all of the presets underneath the 'Presets' folder.


To apply the transition effects, section off the beginning or end of your clip by cutting 10-15 frames. Simply drag and drop the effect on the clip directly and BOOM you're done. P.S. If the effect does something weird, you may need to delete the effect, Nest the 10-15 frames and then re-try. 


Presets included in this pack:

-Cinematic Voice Preset

-Fly-in [BOTTOM]

-Fly-in [LEFT]

-Fly-in [RIGHT]

-Fly-out [LEFT]

-Fly-out [RIGHT]

-Fly-out [BOTTOM]

-HUD Effect

-Mastering Voice Audio

-Text Glitch

-Text Glitch out

-Vocal Preset 1

-Zoom IN

-Zoom IN 1

-Zoom IN 2

-Zoom OUT

-Zoom OUT-IN

JR Preset Pack

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