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Red Creative Films is a full-service video production company & agency wrapped into one. We understand what successful marketing looks like and that different approaches to video content can accomplish different objectives for a brand or company.

Whether you're new to your industry or been in the game awhile, we are ready to hop in and get to work.

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Social Media

​Get vertical! Social content is going full-screen and breaking away from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio of the past. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok are making use of our phone's entire display real-estate for creative content.

We specialize in formatting content for social media and excel in the creativity to back a viral video.


Commercials are a tried & true method of informing or persuading a customer or potential client. Video killed the radio star and social media influence is well underway with its climb to dominance.

Wherever it is you wish to market, our commercials are creative, fun and engaging. 

Brand Awareness & Testimonials

Deeper cuts into who you are as a company will always be important to connecting you to your clients. Knowing who the faces are behind the scenes help illustrate your values and beliefs.

Testimonials are also a great way of introducing potential clients to your existing ones. We just up the production value as if Hollywood had done it itself.

The quality of work, both during the shoot and finished product, are beyond expectations.

Cory & Eva Cannon

Siren Rock Brewing Co.

Consumer Marketing & Sales Videos

Have a new product or launching a new service?

We offer straightforward marketing videos that best suit your current marketing strategy or offer creative ideation for a new one. These are fantastic for traditional mediums as well as across social media.

Music Videos

Yeah we do them. And yeah they're kick-ass.

Tradeshow & Event Coverage

​Hosting, attending, or organizing? Any kind of live event, trade show, concert, benefit, gala or all of the above! We will have a team out to capture stunning footage of the day.

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